Apart from product innovation, Riddell keeps building on the strengths of online technologies. Analytics showed that more than 60% of its traffic was through mobile. However, the conversions from mobile were not in line with the traffic. That is where we came in.
DCKAP was tasked with creating a unified shopping experience across multiple devices. Converting Riddell to responsive was not a straightforward task. As mentioned above it had three integrated platforms, one of which was a sub-domain.

dckap riddell



We customized the third-party jQuery plugin the site was built with to make the product configuration pages responsive.


We custom tailored much of the functionality to optimize the experience for mobile & tablet users.


We converted the images to SVG files to ensure clarity while allowing images to scale appropriately for the device size.



Well, we achieved real-time, data synchronization between SAP and Magento without compromising the security and user experience. Riddell wanted a robust-but-scalable middleware that could handle seamless data integration between front and back-end systems. We did deliver one with quality more than they asked for. Our Magento SAP Integration is designed using SOAP WSDL and capable of handling automatic data transfer of Orders, get the tax from SAP and scheduled data transfer of Inventory updates, shipment updates,..etc With this integration, Riddell is now effectively handling more than 60,000 orders per month accounting to 40% increase in revenue through ayx体育|爱游戏电子|ayx体育 sales.

dckap MAE FINE FOODS case study

“We had been working with a handful of different vendors, and at the time we realised that DCKAP was way above the rest from in terms of communication and technical expertise. We knew that they were working for us and had our best interests in mind. One thing that I really appreciate from DCKAP was their ability to communicate. Their communication skills were above and beyond what I have experienced with vendors. The relationship was such a great fit that we brought on DCKAP employees in-house to work with us directly.”

Dan SchuesslerDigital Project Manager, Riddell